The South Will Rise Again - Memoirs of a Son of the SouthThe South Will Rise Again – Memoirs of a Son of the South

I can’t tell you why I thought I had some chosen path or grand destiny in this life, but I most certainly did. Despite my efforts to understand this journey, I was on track to certain failure and the notion that I was relegated to a life with no special purpose or deep meaning was quickly taking hold.

Fortunately, life took a turn and one day while helping remodel a large older house in the city where I lived everything fell into place. It was a home that time, neglect and its many occupants had taken their toll causing the structures useful life to be in question. But like many things I looked through the flaws and saw the home as it could be, inspiring me to take particular care in my work.

While painting in the living room a loose board in the closet caught my eye. For some reason I was drawn to it causing me to climb down from the ladder where I had been working. I knelt down and tugged at the board removing it from where it rested. The house it seemed had revealed a secret for me. To my surprise I retrieved four leather bound journals from inside a compartment hidden between the floor joists. It may also have held my purpose too because after reading them I felt a kinsmanship with those who wrote them and an overwhelming desire to put their story together. Mind you what you are about to read is not my tale but theirs.